Want a holiday with a twist?

We all probably have memories of camping as children. Old, musty smelling tents rescued from the attic, cold food ‘heated’ on those useless little stoves. Of course this all happening around twice a year in the exotic fields of Wales or the Lake District.

Now getting back to nature is what it’s all about (and the only enjoyable thing about camping!) but who said you couldn’t get back to nature and the outdoors and be comfortable at the same time? Boom – incomes glamping.

Now to die-hard campers, glamping is cheating, and in a way we guess it is. Basically glamourous camping (clever eh?) involves luxury tents or cabins all set-up perfectly so you don’t need to worry about cold food and a bad back after kipping on the ground all night.

Why should you try it? You get to take the best parts of home with you, including WiFi, cooked meals and an awesome bed for the night. Often sites in the UK come with plenty of activities which make it the perfect holiday destination for families too.

Maybe you’re just looking to get back to it all but your other half hates camping – you have the perfect thing right here to get them going. Of course the traditional fires and roasting marshmallows is still available so you’re not missing out.

The stunning Mill Farm glamping site in Wiltshire even has donkey rides! Learn more about them here: http://www.millfarmglamping.co.uk/about-us/the-team/ or tweet them with @MillFarmTweet. A trip may be in order…

All in all glamping is the perfect getaway. There’s nothing more romantic then sleeping under the stars and with the activities surrounding them, it’s great for families too. May be a little tamer than you’re used to from us – but what’s wrong with relaxing sometimes?

To find a glamping site near you click here: http://www.glamping-uk.co.uk/Glampsites/

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Both have their merits but we’re leaning towards glamping!

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