Kitesurfers love Longsands

You may not have heard of Katie Chandler or Giselle Nuaz, but you soon will.

These amazingly talented kitesurfers spend their time soaring above oceans around the world.

Katie who is from the North East of England, came runner up in the “Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer 2012” although personally we think she should have won!

Read a fantastic article with her here:

Giselle is another incredible kitesufer and amazing woman to boot. She and Katie share a blog ( about their life in Brazil and all the adventures they have – it’s definitely worth a read!

They also have a keen sense of fashion – ok, we might be a little biased! But check them out in their Longsands gear from this year’s Spring/Summer range:

Beautiful Katie and Giselle give Longsands some love!

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