Top 5 Activities for Adrenaline Junkies

We’re always looking for our next thrill here at Longsands, now while the sea is inviting and the perfect wave can make surfing an adrenaline packed ride; sometimes we just want something…different.

Here’s our top five activities for thrill seekers.

Zip-line: We started our list with a tame one, we know. But zip-lines are not to be ignored. They can provide you some of the best views around as well as making you zoom hundreds of feet in the air over trees, water etc.

So don’t sniff at a good zip-line. You can always do an awesome Tarzan impression as you hurtle through a forest…

Shark Diving: You, cage, deep underwater and sharks. What could go wrong? Very little actually. While it delivers a fantastic thrill (because there’s a shark swimming in front of you) the guys who pop down with you are fantastically trained and you’re given all the correct information.

And who wouldn’t want to see those magnificent creatures in their natural habitat?

Mountaineering: Mountaineering is literally climbing a mountain but the hard way (even though the ‘easy’ way is still pretty hard!). This involves hacking your way up the mountain with ice axes, crampons, cams, and rope.

The adrenaline rush comes from the fact you could fall, but can you imagine the feeling of getting to the top? Amazing.

Coasteering: Like mountaineering but on the coast. You look for new places to climb and explore while shimmying over the sea. We like the sound of this more than mountaineering but maybe that’s because we love the sea.

Of course if you add a wet suit, helmet and some buoyancy aid you’re ready to learn how to jump from cliffs. With a pro, of course.

Downhill skiing: Skiing is great fun which people often think is just a gentle slide down a snowy hill. It’s not. If you get good with skiing or snowboarding even, you can get down those hills in record time, weaving in and out of obstacles. It’s absolutely incredible and something that everyone should definitely try at least once.

Of course this goes without saying but please do not try any of the above activities without training or trained professionals. We’ll totally not be held responsible if you dive with sharks sans cage.

All of them look pretty inviting don’t they?

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