The most beautiful beaches in the UK

It’s no secret that we love the beach (just check out our Twitter account @LongsandsUK) but just where are the best beaches in the UK? Now, we’re not going to be biased so we’re not going to include Longsands – shocker we know!

Fist on our list is the wonderful Barafundle Bay beach is idyllic. It’s part of the Pembrokeshire coast and it looks like it belongs in the Caribbean – seriously. Golden sands and deep blue sea – only the rugged cliffs make it look as though it’s part of England. It’s the perfect place to go for a walk too as it’s surrounded by the gorgeous Welsh landscape – definitely one to visit.

Our next beach is Bamburgh – and what a stunner it is. The coastline in the North is amazing and coupled with the amazing sights you get at Bamburgh, it’s a dream. Looking at it you wouldn’t know it has a fantastic, rich history, full of Vikings – especially when you see the avid surfers riding the waves.

Next, we’re off to the Norfolk coast with Cley-Next-the-Sea beach. It’s visually gorgeous, with seals bobbing around Blakeney Point and marshes full of life, it could be one of the best places for wildlife. It a wonderful, traditional coastal village which is tiny but definitely worth a visit.

This next one is a little out there – as there are no fish and chip shops. Lundy Island beach has a pub and a shop and that’s it. In winter (Nov – March) you need to get a helicopter to the island which is pretty cool. There might not be much there in the way of civilisation but it is full of amazing wildlife (like puffins) and there are enough hikes for even the most outdoorsy person.

It wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Cornwall would it? St Ives has some of the best beaches in the UK and it really doesn’t look English in the slightest. Like Barafundle Bay, St Ives is just stunning. It has fantastic pubs (which have incredible scrumpy), wonderful hikes, and of course fish and chips. Of course there are roughly 10 beaches for you to choose from in St Ives, but we’ll leave that to you…

We’re already missing the summer but we’re sure a winter beach tour could be arranged…

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