It Doesn’t Get Much Deeper Than This

Scuba diving is without a doubt one of the most wonderful things you can do. As we only know roughly 5% of what is in our seas there’s every chance that you will discover something brand new and who wouldn’t want a fish named after them?

Joking aside, it is the perfect thing for those looking for a little excitement and some of the most stunning scenes in the world. Coral in colours you didn’t think possible, sea anemones* in every shape and size – what’s not to love?

Of course if you want to see the really exotic stuff, you need to get moving. The Blue Hole which is in the Red Sea (Egypt) is a favourite among divers, both professionals and recreational divers. This place does come with dangers however, and it may have earned the nickname “Diver’s Cemetery” but with common sense and a lot of good training, there is no reason why you couldn’t enjoy yourself and stay safe.

Now for some of the more stereotypical diving you want to head over to Caicos in the Bahamas. Not only does the Bahamas have some of the best sunshine and beaches, it boasts some spectacular dive spots. You can try out wall diving, snorkelling, or just go with a group but no matter which you pick you’re guaranteed some fantastic sights from the local sea life. From sharks to sea turtles, you can spot some of the most interesting creatures.

For a spin on the traditional why not go diving at night? Sounds silly right? Armed with a good diving torch you can go night diving in Hawaii with manta rays on Big Island or even dive to the incredible luminous underwater caverns of Lanai – what could be better? If you pop over during Winter/Spring however, it’s whale season, and you may just hear the beautiful tones of a humpback whale. How incredible? By the way – there’s a volcano there so be careful…

We’d love to get diving and exploring a little more as the beach and sea life are both very close to our hearts. Of course, get lots of training and support because you don’t really want to get the bends now do you?

*Thank God for spellcheck…

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