Extreme sports you need to try

Again, we’ve been looking for something new to get our Longsands fix of adrenaline. Maybe it’s the cold weather (or the fact we keep staring at the sea from our shop windows!) but we need to get out there and give something new a try!

After having a quick Google we found a few we think we may just have to try…

Hang Gliding: A few of our customers have tried this and found it fantastic – but if you’re afraid of heights, it’s obviously not going to be for you! Basically, strap yourself into a special harness, take a deep breath and launch yourself from a hill facing into the wind.

You can go higher by finding pockets of air (thermals) which means you’ll be airborne for longer (kind of the point). It only takes about ten days to train to become a hang glider pilot but it will set you back around £1000 - £1300…Christmas present?

Wingsuit flying: The art of chucking yourself out of a plane dressed like a flying squirrel. It looks amazing. You exit the plane with your suit and parachute which you open at a planned altitude. But before that you just glide down – and see some amazing sights!

There are some incredible videos showing this awesome sport – seriously, it looks terrifying, but in a good way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnvvsjstveM

Base Jumping: This is not for the fainthearted as it’s one of the most dangerous recreational sports in the world, so definitely don’t try it without someone with you/training/proper equipment. You jump wearing all the correct equipment and of course your parachute. Then you deploy your parachute, and land safely.

This must be an incredible rush of adrenaline but we might just give it a miss…

Extreme Ironing: That’s right guys, extreme ironing is a sport! Grab your board, iron and creased up clothing and get…extreme?

Of course you have to get those creases out while skydiving or on top of a mountain but there’s just something that doesn’t seem right about it…what do you think?

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