The Longsands Guide to the Most Terrifying Places in the World

It’s Halloween and we’re all about getting the biggest scare possible! It may be too late to go and visit some of these places on the most horrifying night of 2014 but we can always plan for 2015…

Isla de Las Muñecas, Mexico:

This place is just downright creepy. It looks like it’s the place that dolls come to die – as you can’t take one step without coming face to face with a doll strung up in a tree by it’s limb or neck. The story behind this oddity is that around 50 years ago the only inhabitant on the island found a drowned child in the water and any time a doll came floating past, he’d tie it in a tree to appease her spirit. He died in 2001 having drowned in the same part of the canal he found the child.

Hellingly Hospital, East Sussex:

Hellingly was an insane asylum what opened back in 1903, and it doesn’t have a nice past. Their patients were subjected to procedures we make horror movies out of (such as lobotomies), but the scariest thing of all is that it didn’t close until 1994.

Catacombs, Paris

No horror tour would be complete without the Parisian catacombs. Home to around 6 million people you can walk amongst some of Paris’ long dead. The remains were moved into their new homes due to the graveyards being closed in 1786 as they believed they were a threat to public health. It will take you around 45 mins to explore these catacombs, creepy!

Montpelier Hill, Dublin

Set in the middle of the Irish coutryside, this idylic little building was home to the Irish Hell Fire Club between 1735 and 1741. There are tales of occult practices, demonic manifestations, animal sacrifices. Yeah, this might be one to avoid.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Although there aren’t tales of hauntings or ritualistic sacrifices, this list wouldn’t be complete without the unsettling lonliness that Pripyat has. Founded in the 70s, Pripyat was a city founded for the workers and scientists of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, roughly 50,000 people. It was evacuated days after the disaster and it’s just been left to slowly decay.

Hmm may have to put off going to doll island *shudders*

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