The Best Surfing Sweet Spots in the UK

We love getting our surf on here at Longsands, but as the UK is an island – where are the other incredible places for a fantastic surfing session?

Let’s start closer to home; Saltburn in Cleveland. It’s a stunning beach and it’s perfect for those just learning to surf. It was one of the original surfing scenes back in the day and it’s a firm favourite with locals today. Of course after you’ve been thrashing in the waves you have to go to The Ship – fab pub who do some gorgeous fish and chips!

Bit of a trek from home but Llangennith (try saying that drunk) in Wales is another popular spot for the surfing community. This does mean you may have to wait a while for a spot, especially when there’s a good swell running. But as you have three miles of coast to play with, take a walk and we’re sure you’d find a quieter spot – just watch out for those rips!

A place for the intermediates now; Bournemouth. Now while there isn’t a huge choice of waves to play around with, there are some amazing spots, if you’re smart about it. There is the artificial reef break, where you can catch some fantastic waves – but as it’s limited it’s often over croweded and a little messy. You could always try Canford Cliffs or Sandbanks if it’s too much for you.

Bantham in Devon, picks up more swells than anywhere else in south Devon – how fantastic is that? Grab your longboard and you’re set to be honest, as the long rides here are second to none. After all that fun grab the sea tractor (seriously) and pop over to Burgh Island for a well deserved pint in the 13th Century Pilchard Inn.

And there you have it – some of our favrouite surfing spots in the country! Where do you love to go? Drop us a tweet on @LongsandsUK and don’t forget you’ll get a £20 voucher whenever you spend £70 in store or online!

Ready for the summer surfing scene already!

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