A bad case of wanderlust

Here at Longsands – we love our food. Growing up on the beach we can confidently call ourselves ‘fish’n’chip masters’ and of course we love hitting the international markets and farmers markets when they swing by.

But what has the rest of the world got to offer us? Prepare to be hit with a massive wave of wanderlust and hunger…

Westside Market, Cleveland, OH:

Yeah it’s a bit of a trek to Ohio, but oh God, this food market is worth it! They house everything, bratwurst and kielbasa, not to mention a huge range of home baked good! It’s set up in a huge, old brick hall and the city’s diversity is reflected in the massive range of products they have for sale.

Mercado de la Merced, Mexico City, Mexico:

This market has a notoriously bad rep after dark (how many of our markets can claim that?) but during the day you’ll find some amazing food. The workers offer a fantastic range of fresh produce from cacti and avocados to fresh fruit and home cooked food (proper tacos!). It’s the largest market in Mexico city, but if it’s not for you, you can choose from the other three hundred markets in the city. Overkill much?

La Boqueria, Barcelona, Spain:

Ice lollies, ice lollies everywhere! And in the middle of Spain, that’s exactly what you want. This historic market (it dates back to 1217!) is one of the biggest markets in Europe - and after lasting all this time it’s obvious! Fresh juices, local produce and some of the best tapas, this is the place to be when the sun is setting, as it’s even cheaper then.

Östermalms Saluhall, Stockholm, Sweden:

This market is stunning (pretty much like the rest of Sweden) and is full of fresh fish and home baked goods. The smorgasbord of produce will keep you going back for more and you may not be able to see everything in one visit – so you’ll just need to pop back in!

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia:

Ok so when you go to Melbourne you’re probably not thinking about markets – but you need to make time for this place. Firstly, it has a doughnut truck that has been selling them since 1950 – you know that is going to be the best doughnut ever! But with all the fresh produce and friendly people, it’s no surprise this is a firm favourite with locals and foodies alike.

Of course if you can’t be bothered travelling the world on your stomach – pop into Newcastle for Grainger Market!

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