How to stay warm when surfing

Just because it’s winter shouldn’t mean you can’t grab your board and catch a few great waves; so here it is, our Longsands guide to staying warm when surfing! If you have any tips, just let us know in the comments.

Put your suit on before you leave the house: Weird right? But this means you won’t have to bear all to the elements and you know – you can get changed without looking like a numpty.

Know what you can handle: The North sea (or wherever you are) is not going to be warm in winter; UK seas are not warm in the summer! Make sure you know what you can cope with, because your hands and feet will go numb and you will need to know when and how to get back to shore safely.

Consider getting winter gear: You could aways buy a thicker and wider board for the winter and the reason is this; you should be buying a thicker wetsuit for your winter surfing. Maybe upgrade to 5/4mm and 7mm boots with 5mm gloves – if you want more, get more but remember this extra weight may play havoc on your lighter board.

Don’t stop moving: It’s going to be far too cold for you to dawdle in the water, you need to keep going; especially when you’ve first dove in. The cold temperature will be a massive shock to your system and try not to duck-dive too many times. You might just throw up, so keep going and use the waves to get your blood flowing.

But remember more than anything guys, if it’s too cold stay in the house. Surfing is a top sport and a fantastic adrenaline rush, but staying safe is the ultimate thing. Do not attempt to do this unless you’re confident in the water/with someone.

P.S. We have an amazing range of rash vests coming out in the new year so make sure you watch out for them!

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