Fantastic New Year’s Eve Quirks Around The World

We’ve had Christmas and the new year – but it doesn’t seem 5 mins since 2014 just began!

In true Longsands style we thought we’d have a look at the oddest traditions from around the world for celebrating New Years Eve.

Argentina: People often wear bright pink underwear as this is thought to attact love. And at exactly midnight you should step forward with your right foot as this is will bring good luck to you!

Russia: Write down a wish on a piece of paper before burning it and putting it into your champagne. You have to do all this and drink it before 0:01. Sounds a bit hectic.

Scotland: Hogmanay is a massive deal in Scotland but after the bells and the first-footing begins you pop round your friends or neighbours bearing gifts. Traditionally these were coin, bread, coal, whisky – these are thought to bring prosperity.

Chile: Give your house a good sweep! This is thought to remove bad energy from your home – and eat a spoonful of lentils! This symbolises that your forthcoming year will be filled with work and money.

Britain: Getting drunk, finishing the evening with chips or a kebab, and seeing in the New Year with all your friends and family. Top night.

Whatever you did this New Year Eve stay safe and have a fantastic 2015!

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