Longsands Top 5 seaside restaurants to visit in 2015

We're already thinking about getting ourselves away on holiday at Longsands but with Christmas just gone, we're thinking a fab UK break would be best.

Of course, no holiday would be complete without visiting the seaside - and many of us at Longsands love their grub - so here's our top guide to seaside restaurants.

Porthminster Beach Café, St Ives: Not only does it have a fantastic beach, but St Ives had some top restaurants packed with fresh and local produce (the main reason for going to a seaside restaurant!). The monkfish curry is amazing here - loved it the last time we visited and it's not one to miss!

Shell Bay Seafood Restaurant, Studland, Dorset: One of our customers mentioned this place to us and said it has the best gardens to sit in and relax. They have a lovely menu and everything is again locally sourced. Make sure you try the ice cream!

The Westward Restaurant, Argyll, Scotland: Bit of a trek to get to this one but any lovers of seafood will be pleased they did it! The huge prawns, a gorgeous lobsters come from less than 50 yards from the restaurant's kitchens. Seriously good food awaits you here.

Venus Cafe, Blackpool Sands beach, Devon: This little cafe is right on Blackpool Sands. The food is totally organic, and the fish is from a sustainable source; the fish pie is particularly incredible...

Davanti Classico, Tynemouth: We couldn't finish this blog without mentioning these guys! Absolutely incredible food and so reasonably priced you could go here every day! Love these guys - craving their gorgeous desserts!

Make sure you let us know where your favourite place to eat is!

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