Common Surfing Mistakes

Along Longsands beach you see a lot of surfers taking their boards out and excitedly diving into the freezing cold sea.

Unfortuntately some of the newer surfers can be seen making some very simple mistakes and rather than lecture them we thought we'd tell you what the most common ones are.

Firstly we see way too many surfers diving in without being strong swimmers. When you surf you're going to get pounded by the waves and separated from your board; which is when good swimming skills come in handy. Go out and practice your swimming and we'll see a lot fewer people in trouble.

Many people go out for ten or fifteen mins, then drudge back onto the beach looking haggered. Usually this is because they haven't eaten properly. You wouldn't work out on an empty stomach so don't go surfing on one! You need a lot of energy to keep yourself going: fruit, veg, sports drinks etc will be fantastic to bring with you and to boost your levels.

Probably one of the most worrying is when we see surfers get a lost and straying into the path of other surfers. This is really dangerous for you and the person you've just bumped into. Gauge what you surfing skill is - novices stay clear of the advanced guys. Remember to keep a good distance between you and the next surfer.

The previous point leads into when you see people not looking where they're going. You have to have a lot of respect for your fellow surfer. Where you're looking in where you're going, basically eyes forward!

hopefully if you can avoid making these mistakes it will make you a stronger swimmer and a better surfer - let us know what you think is the most common surfing mistakes, and remember, when in doubt go to a pro like Tynemouth Surf Co!

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