Types of waves to watch out for

Many people have some trouble when learning to surf as there is a LOT to learn. From clothing to how to use a board, there’s a lot you need to cram into your head – so let us continue our guide to surfing with this: what types of waves are there?

A reef break is when a wave breaks over the rocky seabed or a coral reef. They give you the classic wave but if you wipe out it can lead to trouble. They are pretty amazing though and when you pull one off? It’s the best surfing high possible.

The next break is a point break. That’s a wave that breaks onto a rocky point. Generally they create waves smaller than a reef break but they’re pretty great for novice surfers.

One of the last surf breaks is the beach break. This is the one that breaks up on the sandy seabed and is another that’s perfect for learner surfers.

Now we move onto something a little more confusing – lefts, rights and peaks.

Lefts and rights the same thing – just opposite! When you’re paddling up to the wave to reach it, keep an eye on which side the wave breaks (to the left or the right?). If the wave is breaking from the right to left you go left to get on it – get it?

A peak is a wave that breaks both left and right, creating a wave that to people can ride – which always looks amazing, just remember to be respectful of the other surfers!

And there’s our little guide! Make sure you speak to a surfing expert if you want any more info!

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