Coastal Food Around The World

England: Fish & Chips

Crunchy batter and greasy chips are arguably synonymous with coastal towns across the nation. Well, it just wouldn’t be a trip to the seaside without fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, right?

Unfortunately, due to England’s rainy climate, we regularly find ourselves fighting over tartare sauce sachets in our cars overlooking wet sand, instead of enjoying the stereotypical cuisine on the promenade.


Australia: 'Roo Snags

Unlike Great Britain, the weather down under lends itself to al fresco dining so its little wonder the Aussies are known to enjoy a BBQ on their fantastic beaches. Whilst our cold, wet BBQs consist of Birdseye burgers and lamb chops, the Aussies enjoy leaner cuts of meat in the form of emu and kangaroo ‘snags’ (i.e. sausages). If that’s a bit too exotic though, you could always make like Paul Hogan and “throw another shrimp on the Barbie!”


Puerto Rico: Alcapurrias

Alcapurrias are generally served in kiosks on Puerto Rican beaches, similar to street food, and are a mix of crabmeat with onion, garlic and chillis, fried in yucca paste and lard. The result is a chunky fritter of golden, deep fried deliciousness!


New Jersey: Elephant Ears

Don’t panic, no elephants are hurt during the making of this American seaside snack - the name actually derives from the size and shape of the dish! Elephant ears are large discs of fried dough topped with butter and sprinkled in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. So essentially a sickly sweet cross between a pizza and a doughnut.

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