Electronic Gift Cards. Only better.

Electronic Gift Cards. Only better.

With the pandemic currently still in full swing we've been thinking up some creative ways for you to send your gifts this Christmas. 

As well as our full product range being available for click & collect and courier delivery we've upgraded our electronic gift cards to make them a little bit more special.  Sending an email or a bit of paper with your gift card printed on is fine, but we thought we'd give you something that adds a little extra thought and drama to it.

Introducing The Longsands Origami Gift Card!

1. Order your electronic Gift Card here.

2. Print the gift card on a piece of A4 paper.

3. Download the Longsands-Gift-Envelope PDF here.

4. Print the PDF on the other side of your printed electronic gift card.

5. With the Gift Card side showing, fold along the long line into the centre of the paper as shown.

6. Next, fold along the other long line into the centre of the paper as shown below.

7. Unfold and lay the paper flat then fold-in each corner along the guide lines as shown below

8. Fold along the horizontal guideline as shown below

9. Now fold along the opposite side

10. Fold the ends in, using the guidelines.

11. Next, flip the whole thing over and find the two faint grey guidelines on the poem side.

12. We are now going to fold this into thirds. Fold the side with the Longsands Symbols over to the faint grey guideline. If you can't see the grey guideline just fold it about a third of the way in as shown below.  You should have a white guideline showing about half a centimetre from the edge.

13. Now do the same with the other side. You should now have the PULL HERE arrow showing on top. Try to align this with the white line as shown.  This will make the next bit easier!

14. Now the tricky bit! You need to push the corners of the PULL HERE section underneath the flaps with the SYMBOLS.  Do this one at a time as shown.

15. You should now have your completed Gift Card Envelope! Simply pull the flap and unfold your gift!

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