EPOCH - A/W Edit

EPOCH - A/W Edit

In 1957, the north east was hit by one of the hottest heatwaves on record, and on June 16th, it peaked. An estimated 25,000 heat crazed northerners, flocked to the coast in search of sand and sea.

Shuggy boats were in full swing, beach huts bustled, and thousands enjoyed the warm sea and open air swimming pool. Not a square foot of Longsands beach was free.

It was on this day, Longsands beach was crowned, as one the go to destinations in the northeast. Seven decades on, its heritage still thrives.

Longsands beach is not only a northern treasure but also the centre of focus for British surfing. It has held the national surfing championships numerous times.

Surfing used to be just about the beach, the waves, and the sport itself, but it has evolved. Over time, it has become a way of life. A lifestyle with a laid-back attitude and eco-friendly ethos, Here at Longsands, we embrace both.

The iconic north east surf and lifestyle brand ‘Longsands clothing’ started from humble beginnings in 2008. Two students with a passion for board sports wanted to offer a British alternative to the big American surf brands we all know and love. The aim, to create a surf brand that represented the harsh and cold surfing conditions of the north east.

Our new Epoch range is taking you back. Back to a snap shot in time, a testament to our beginnings and our inspirations. The garments in the Epoch collection are heavy duty, made to withstand the unforgiving outdoor elements. The simplistic design work is reminiscent of when surf culture first emerged. The Epoch range captures the old School vibes of the surf scene. It takes the chilled and carefree approach, which has become synonymous with early mornings and long relaxing days on the beach.

Think ghetto blasters and dreadlocks, VW vans and mopeds, killer sunsets and hippies, and the overuse of the word dude. Epoch peeks into the late 60’s and early 70’s, a time when fashion and surfing became one.

Whether it’s the cold hard surf scene in the north, the adventure of the outdoors, or just to show passion for north east heritage and surf culture, The Epoch range embraces all.


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