Is it REALLY made in the north?

Yes! Well, as much as we can possibly do in the UK/North East is done here.... we produced a little video showing some of our production process, which takes place just up the road in Killingworth.

You could say that nothing is truly 100% fully made in the UK as the cotton comes from all over the world, some of the garments are stitched together in Europe of the Far East but what we can guarantee is that we will do as much as cost allows over here in the UK (and that will never change).  As our production qty goes up we will be able to use that buying power to use more and more UK suppliers to produce our goods at every stage of the manufacturing process.  But for now you will just have to love our UK produced designs, screen printing, embroidery, label manufacture, stitching, garment finishing and labelling....the rest we will eventually bring to the UK!

If you have any questions about where we source garments, materials etc please get in touch....Enjoy!

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