Longsands For Life

Longsands For Life

Introducing Longsands for Life, a new clothing range that embodies the essence of coastal living in the north east and throughout Britain. This collection is carefully crafted with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and durability. Inspired by the simplicity of coastal styling, Longsands for Life combines clean lines with subtle motifs that capture the spirit of the seaside.

One standout motif in this collection is the "Chip Stealing Bastard" - a playful representation of a seagull with a chip in its mouth. This motif adds a touch of whimsy and pays homage to the cheeky seagulls that are synonymous with coastal towns. It's a nod to those memorable moments spent enjoying fish and chips by the sea.

Another delightful little motif coming soon to the range is "We all scream" - an ice cream-inspired design that celebrates the abundance of excellent ice cream vendors in the north east, with a special mention to Di Meo's. This motif captures the joy and nostalgia associated with indulging in delicious frozen treats on warm summer days.

Longsands for Life goes beyond style; it also embraces sustainability. The garments are made from cotton sourced through BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), ensuring responsible farming practices and supporting farmers' livelihoods. Additionally, polyester used in some pieces is made from recycled bottles, reducing waste and promoting environmental consciousness.

With its commitment to quality, coastal inspiration, and thoughtful motifs, Longsands for Life offers a unique clothing range that not only lasts but also tells stories of cherished moments by the sea. Embrace timeless style while making an eco-conscious choice with Longsands for Life - where fashion meets sustainability.

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