Yonder is an all women's surf club based in the beautiful North East village of Tynemouth. Sally McGee has been surfing for 12 years and has been lucky enough to surf in many exotic and iconic locations from the North East to Indonesia and California and many more in between. 

Whilst Sally has been hooked on surfing from the moment she rode her first wave its not always been her career. Like many women, and families before her , the new addition of a beautiful baby has been the very welcome changing force behind her new venture and restructure.  Not only does Yonder offer individual surfing lessons for women but they are also focused on delivering surf camps in the North East, North Yorkshire and the South West. What more could you wish for than a weekend of surf, home cooked food and comfy accommodation surrounded by awesome inspiring women? 

For those more proficient surfers Sally can also offer photography and video analysis - her husband Tom is a hugely talented photographer ( who also does all of our fabulous editorial images you see) so you might even come away with some awesome shots of you riding the waves. 

Knowing Sally and the possibilities that Yonder has to offer newcomers, old and young and the more experienced, we are sure Yonder will be a huge hit to the North East coastline. 

Find out more and all the info you need about upcoming courses at www.surfyonder.com


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