Hot Drinks - Latte

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  • 300ml Jug
  • 12 oz. Cup


  1. Fill double measure 18g in portafilter (single is approx 10g)
  2. Push tamper straight down with light pressure, twist slightly and lift
  3. Wipe leftover coffee off rim
  4. If syrup is required add this to the cup before espresso

TIP: The freshly ground coffee should have the consistency of caster sugar


  1. Make coffee shot (hit the 'double cup' icon on the machine)
  2. Release steam from steaming wand for 2 sec to eliminate residual water
  3. Froth milk with light hissing sound up to 40 degree then lower jug 1cm and froth up to 60 degree
  4. With hand over the top of the jug tap its base on the countertop to remove air bubbles
  5. Swirl the jug until foam becomes smooth and silky
  6. Pour a bit of milk from lip of jug and swirl the cup to mix coffee and milk
  7. Pour milk from height, then closer to mug in circles with
    consistent speed to fill rest of mug
  8. Wipe steaming wand with wet cloth & release steam from wand

IMPORTANT: When heated above 72° the milk might change to a burned flavour and loses sweetness