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**COMPETITION WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT** The Longsands Newcastle store is now officially OPEN and to kick start our journey at STACK we have selected the winner for our recent photo competition! A huge thanks to everyone who entered, we loved seeing your shots of the North East, it sure was difficult to choose a favourite! **AND THE WINNER IS** CONGRATULATIONS  HALEY DUFFY! We love your photo, perfectly captures the Northeast - snow on the beach! Thank you for sharing it with us! Your 2 limited edition hoodies, surf lessons for two and your exclusive Longsands life card (10% off for life) will...

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New to surfing? While you need to learn the basics of the sport it is also important to get to grips with surfing etiquette. Don’t worry – it’ll become second nature to you.

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You can’t live near the beach and be bored because if you are – you’re not doing it right. Get up and try surfing.

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